Soulje says early frost isn’t a concern but many areas are still too wet or too dry

Many farmers have expressed concern about an early frost after a difficult growing season, but Brownfield Meteorologist Greg Soulje says he isn’t anticipating an early frost.

“We don’t even really foresee a normal frost date,” he says. “It will be much later probably anywhere from a week to ten days and maybe even close to two and a half to three weeks later than usual.”  

He says cooler temperatures are expected in the coming weeks.

“We will be looking at temperatures that may be anywhere between 4 to maybe almost 10 degrees shy of normal,” he says. “…We’ve got maybe a little bit of more concern to deal with regarding temperatures around here, it’ll be comfortable but not in any way of accumulating growing degree day units across much of the Corn belt.”

Soulje says parts of Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio are still too dry, while parts of Missouri, Minnesota, and Wisconsin are too wet.

Audio: Greg Soulje, Brownfield Meteorologist

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