South American crops projected to hit record highs and lows

Weather has created two different scenarios for crops in South America.

University of Illinois postdoctoral student and Brazilian native Joana Colussi tells Brownfield Brazil is expected to bounce back from last year’s poor yields.

“If the weather cooperates, Brazil could have the largest harvest in their history; more than 300 million tons. I’m talking in general- corn, soybeans, cotton, coffee, wheat and rice.” That is up 15% from last season.

But, she says farmers in Argentina are battling drought from the third consecutive La Nina weather pattern.

“At this moment Argentina is harvesting wheat and the projection so far is 50% less than last year because of drought and recent frosts in October and November.” 

She says Brazil’s winter wheat crop is on pace to set a record high, but Argentina’s wheat harvest is estimated at just 455 thousand bushels, a decrease of 45% from last season and their lowest in seven years.

Brownfield interviewed Colussi during the 2022 Farm Assets Conference in Champaign, Illinois.

Interview with Joana Colussi

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