South Dakota’s corn and soybean conditions decline

One the nation’s top corn producing states had a slight decline in condition ratings in the last week, but an agronomist with Peterson Farms Seed says the early planted corn isn’t bad.

Rick Swenson tells Brownfield “the stuff that went in the last 6 to 8 days in April looks really good. Some of that is pushing past V7 already,” he says. “A lot of the stuff that got planted in early May looks ok, but some of the corn has sat in moisture and there’s some yellow looking corn out there.”

USDA says South Dakota’s corn condition is rated 78% good to excellent, a 5-percentage point decline from the previous week. The corn is 90% emerged.

South Dakota’s soybean conditions are rated 75% good to excellent, a decline from the previous week with most of the crop planted and 78% of the crop emerged. Swenson says there has been replanting of soybeans in some areas.

“There was standing water in low areas and there’s some beginning planting going on, but some wind from two weeks ago hit too.”

Sorghum conditions are rated 73% good to excellent with most of the crop planted and 5% of the sorghum headed, ahead of average. Sunflower planting is 82% complete, ahead of average with 26% of the sunflowers emerged.

Spring wheat conditions are rated 68% good to excellent with the crop 28% headed. Winter wheat conditions are 70% good to excellent with 89% of the winter wheat headed.

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