Soy transportation leader hopes Congress will consider infrastructure legislation

The executive director of the US Soy Transportation Coalition says two pieces of legislation that were agenda items for Congress and Trump administration before COVID-19 could benefit agriculture and the economy.

Mike Steenhoek says the surface transportation bill, also known as the highway bill, would provide funding certainty for roads and bridges.

“It was on Congress’ to-do list before the outbreak of the coronavirus and we think they should still keep it on their to do list in 2020 and actually get something done,” he says.

He says the Water Resources Development Act was another piece of legislation that was scheduled to be reauthorized in 2020.

“So much of agricultural products and a lot of the inputs that make our economy run are transported via the inland waterways system, so it’s a very critical mode of transportation for the broader economy and agriculture specifically,” he says.

Steenhoek says the administration has rightly focused on the nation’s immediate needs, but progress on the two pieces of legislation in upcoming months would signal that the US is still investing in the future.

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