Soybean gall midge an emerging threat

An integrated pest management specialist is concerned about the proliferation of soybean gall midge.

Bruce Potter with the University of Minnesota says 2018 was the first year the insect was identified in the state.

“Some of it had been blamed on disease earlier. But in Minnesota we’re fairly fortunate. The bigger problems tend to be concentrated in extreme southwest Minnesota. But to the south, western Iowa, eastern Nebraska as well as southeast South Dakota have been seeing more issues.”

He tells Brownfield soybean gall midge is difficult to manage, comparing it to corn borer.

“Once the larvae are inside the plant and aren’t really exposed to insecticide, adult emergence in this case seems pretty prolonged. So it’s going to be hard to put an insecticide control on to manage it.”

Potter says the long-term goal is to develop soybean varieties that are resistant to gall midge.

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