Soybean growers should watch for lodging

A technical agronomist with Bayer says reports of lodging in soybeans are on the rise in the Western Corn Belt.

Joe Lemmons, who covers South-Central Nebraska, says adverse weather conditions impacted stalk integrity. “Beans took advantage of some late June early July rainfall that we had and they got a little bit taller than they probably normally would have, even those varieties that I would say are technically short. Some of those varieties, I would say don’t get very tall, got much larger than they probably should have, and they’ll reach the center of my chest, and I’m a 6 1/2 foot tall guy.”

He tells Brownfield he’s concerned some plants will not be able to pick themselves up and be a challenge for combines. “Some soybeans will, as they start to mature, it starts to pull on those tissues and it will ride itself up to a certain point. We want to make sure we look at those fields very carefully and get those harvested early because you’re going to get more disease, you’re going to get more issues with some of those pots starting to abort if we let them sit too long.”

Lemmons says lodging can also lead to an increase of disease pressure for the next growing season.

He spoke with Brownfield at the 2023 Husker Harvest Days in Grand Island, NE.

Joe Lemmons:

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