Soybean market looks to take a bigger bite out of Big Apple

Soybean growers are looking to take a bigger bite out of market opportunities in the Big Apple.

Paul Freeman with the Minnesota Soybean Research and Promotion Council says he’s participating in a tour of New York City this week hosted by the Clean Fuels Alliance.

“It’s great to be out here because we’re offering solutions that they need now.”

The west-central Minnesota farmer tells Brownfield consumers are asking for cleaner fuels like biodiesel.

“A lot of B5 (diesel blended with five percent biodiesel) and some places moving all the way up to B35 out here in the East, and great opportunity but we want to make sure they’re getting the right product and making the progress environmentally that they should be.”

Freeman says there’s also demand for different sources of heat.

“They have extensive infrastructure with homes and boilers using fuel oils, and we can make a delivery tomorrow to get them a cleaner burning fuel and help with the pollution out here.”

New York state has enacted a law requiring 20 percent biodiesel in home-heating oil by 2030.

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