Soybean row spacing preference

An agronomist prefers 15-inch row spacing when planting soybeans.

Cody Pettit with Pioneer says he believes farmers can optimize yield with both 15 and 30-inch rows.

“A lot of things go into factor between 15 and 30-inch rows, and how I categorize those is weed pressure, disease pressure, so your pest pressure overall. And another thing I like to consider too is early planting.”

He tells Brownfield 15-inch rows can simplify replant decisions.

“If you’re sitting on 15-inch rows and we go into a frost situation and you lose say 20 percent of your population, it’s easier to step back and say ‘maybe we don’t need to replant because you’re in 15-inch rows because you can still get that soil coverage.”

Pettit says 15-inch rows will make it more difficult for sprayers in season and would also require a separate planter for soybeans.

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