Spring nitrogen stabilizer worth the investment

A nutrient management specialist suggests a spring nitrogen stabilizer is worth the investment.

Chris Kluemke with Corteva Agriscience tells Brownfield many farmers understand why a stabilizer should be used in the fall.

“However, many of those same farmers will tell me they don’t need to stabilize in the spring or at side dress because the nitrogen is applied so close to when the corn will use it. The thought is the risk of loss isn’t as great in the spring. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth.”

He says nitrogen is vulnerable to loss no matter when it’s applied.

“In fact, heavy spring rains and rising soil temperature are two factors that can drive leaching and denitrification. We also need to remember some of the higher-yielding corn hybrids will take up nearly 40 percent of their needed nitrogen post-tassel.”

Kleumke says Corteva partnered with Purdue University on a trial in 2023 that showed stabilized plots yielded 10 bushels more per acre because additional nitrogen was available in the root zone later in the growing season.

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