Still too wet for harvest

A Michigan farmer says harvest is on hold until crops are drier.

Matt Frostic tells Brownfield moisture content for corn and soybeans in his area is too high.

“When you get into group two soybeans, they’re still standing in the field,” he shares.  “I would say that’s probably 60 to 70% of the crop in our area. Corn—guys have tried to harvest some, the lowest moisture readings I’m hearing is 30% on up to off the charts.”

The Thumb-area farmer says disease pressure is increasing while farmers wait for dry down.

“We’re looking at some quality issues in the corn, vomitoxin is starting to rear its head,” he says.”We’re starting to see some earmolds in some of the corn at this point, we’re not sure how extensive that is.”

Frostic says if the level of vomitoxin reaches more than three parts per million it can become unsalable. And he says harvest conditions are about to become miserable with more rain in the forecast.

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