Stormy outlook for Upper Midwest

Stormy weather is forecast for parts of the Upper Midwest through early July.

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources senior climatologist Kenny Blumenfeld says the Climate Prediction Center indicates the next two weeks will remain active.

“Although possibly not as active as it has been. I think once we get past this week there’s some resurgences of wet conditions that show up in their models, but not necessarily a repeat of what we’ve had so far.”

He tells Brownfield longer-term forecasts are less certain.

“Bottom line is we’re really close to the storm track right now, the jet stream, and the convergence of all the big weather systems. And as long as we’re near that, you’d expect a lot of active weather in the region, a lot of rain (and) a lot of thunderstorms.”

Blumenfeld says if the jet stream surges north into Canada, it should result in warm, dry conditions for the Upper Midwest.

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