Studies support greater biofuel usage to reduce transportation emissions

Recent independent studies support a greater reliance on biofuels to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Scott Richman with the Renewable Fuels Association says one study looked at the impact of electric vehicles on both liquid fuel and electricity usage, and another looked at the benefits and potential role of flex fuel vehicles.

“And what they found is that you get a lot faster and deeper carbon reductions by going after liquid fuels than you can be requiring battery-electric vehicles alone.”

He tells Brownfield the studies suggest low-carbon liquid fuels need to play a bigger role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions from transportation.

“And doing it in a way that’s a lot more economical and less disruptive.”

Study authors say lowering the carbon intensity of liquid fuels can reduce carbon emissions faster than electric vehicles can displace the existing fleet.

RFA CEO Geoff Cooper says the study also provides startling projections of liquid fuel demand destruction and a surge in electricity consumption that could result from EPA and California vehicle standards.

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