Summertime waiver for E15 good for consumers and for Indiana farmers

Consumers will have uninterrupted access to E15 following the Environmental Protection Agency’s emergency waiver allowing summertime sales.

Steve Howell, the senior director of industry affairs with the Indiana Corn Growers Association, says the fuel lowers the cost for consumers at the pump and benefits American farmers. “Ethanol is an important market for Indiana corn farmers,” he says. Nearly 45% of the Indiana corn crop goes through an ethanol plant. So having that additional demand that will be generated, it’s certainly welcome news.”

He tells Brownfield E15 is the quickest way to increase demand for corn, and the association is working hard to expand the market within the state. “In the next General Assembly at the Indiana Statehouse, we will expect to see another bill to provide incentives for retailers to offer E15 to their customers,” he says.

Under current policy, E15 can’t be sold at terminals beginning May 1 and at retail locations beginning June 1. However, the EPA has authority through the Clean Air Act to issue waivers allowing for summertime sales of the fuel.

Howell says work continues on federal legislation that would provide permanent, year-round access to E15.

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