Summit puts agricultural issues in front of candidates

With just over 100 days until Election Day, Indiana farmers had the chance to see first-hand where the candidates for Governor stand on agricultural issues.

Agriculture accounts for nearly 5 percent of the the state’s economy and Indiana Soybean Alliance president Joe Steinkamp says it’s important for farmer to understand where candidates are positioned on agricultural issues.

He says the Indiana Ag Policy Summit puts those issues and the candidates front and center.  “If we don’t put the issues – agricultural issues – in front of the candidates they don’t realize how important they are to us and how important they are to the state in general,” he says.  “Because agriculture is a big revenue source for the state of Indiana.”

AUDIO: Joe Steinkamp, Indiana Soybean Alliance


It was Lt. Governor Eric Holcomb’s first time out since being named the Republican Party’s candidate for Governor.  He told attendees Indiana is a leader in agriculture – but that isn’t good enough.  “I don’t just want to be in the pole position – I want to create separation between us and our competitors,” he says.  “Everywhere I go, when I’m speaking with my cohorts, they all want to know what we’re doing next, what tweaks we’re making.  They’re trying to catch up.”

AUDIO: Lt. Governor Eric Holcomb, Republican candidate


Democratic nominee John Gregg says Indiana agriculture is key to the success of the state.  “I think it means we expand exports,” he says.  “It is improving our value added, and it is through this AgriNovus that we’re talking about.  Marrying the biosciences and the life sciences and agriculture.  That has an unbelievable future for us.”

AUDIO: John Gregg, Democratic candidate


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