Surprisingly warm Wisconsin day helped get soybeans in the bin

Monday’s near-record temperatures helped a central Wisconsin farmer get soybeans out of the field.

John Eron farms near Junction City, where it’s been too wet to combine, but the Monday sunshine allowed him to get 70 acres done with one combine. “Most of the fields are coming off right around that fifteen and a half to sixteen percent moisture, but it went through the machine. It threshed quite well.” He says, “For this time of year, it was probably as ideal as we can expect.”

And he’s hoping to finish soybeans today, even though the temperatures are expected to be around 20 degrees cooler. “If the sun can stay out today, we should be able to get through it with no problem. It’s going to be a little later start and I’ll have to shut down a little earlier than what I would want, but I think we’ll be able to get her done.”

Eron says nearly all of his corn is still in the field and testing around 21% moisture, but he’s likely to combine corn after soybeans and dry it if necessary.

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