Sustainability practices are helping add value to red meat exports

The new chair of the US Meat Export Federations says the ag industry is adding value to exports through sustainability. 

U.S. beef and pork producers remain committed to sustainably raising their products.  Randy Spronk, a Minnesota producer says U.S. beef and pork producers are committed to sustainably raising their products and it’s helping increase demand for them on the global market.

But, he says the sustainability story actually starts with corn and soybean producers.  “They’re going to tell how efficient they are in raising their product, in their fertilizer use, their tillage practices,” he says.  “That has an important impact on the sustainability as we produce protein and export it.”

He tells Brownfield red meat production in the U.S. is unparalleled. “We can prove scientifically to the consumer, to society that we are good,” he says. “We’re taking resources and making protein out of it. And we can do it in a sustainable manner.”

Brownfield interviewed Spronk at the US Meat Export Federation’s Strategic Planning Conference.

AUDIO: Randy Spronk, chairman, US Meat Export Federation

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