Swine disease challenges in “hog-dense” southern Minnesota

Keeping pigs healthy has been challenging for some pork producers this spring.

Wanda Patsche farms in Martin County in southern Minnesota and says it’s a “hog-dense” area.

“And our issue with disease is PRRS and also PEDv, and I know there have been a number of farms that have been affected. Ours was too with PRRS, of course we don’t have sows on our farm we just have finishing hogs. But they still can become sick.”

She tells Brownfield they continuously monitor the hogs and provide antibiotics.

“We do the best we can, I mean we’re doing biosecurity. Many of these sow farms have air filters on them, but we’re just not seeing the results that we were hoping with that. And especially with as windy as it’s been this spring, that is what carries the virus.”

Patsche says the disease pressure is typically seasonal and the health of her pigs is on the upswing.

She made these comments during Brownfield affiliate KNUJ’s Women in Ag Forum Wednesday.

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