Swine industry faced several disease threats in 2022

The pork industry faced several disease threats in 2022.

Dr. Paul Sundberg with the Swine Health Information Center says some were at home and others abroad.

“Both on the domestic (side) with tracking PRRS and tracking PEDv and making sure that people know where things are going and what’s happening, as well as on the international side and the monitoring of the Japanese encephalitis virus outbreak in Australia.”

He tells Brownfield African swine fever continued to spread during the past year.

“Especially in Eastern Europe, there are outbreaks in Eastern Europe that continue. And the issue for us is learning the lessons from those outbreaks so we’re better prepared.”

ASF was discovered in the Western Hemisphere for the first time in four decades in late 2021 and Sundberg says the U.S. is working with officials in the Dominican Republic and Haiti to keep the disease at bay. 

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