Tar Spot has Corn Belt on alert

Tar spot has been confirmed in several Corn Belt states already and has growers on alert.               

“If you’re finding it in the other states around us, more likely it’s here as well.” 

AgriGold agronomist Kevin Gale says discovery of the disease this early is worrisome. 

“Pay attention to the environment.”  He says, “You know, as far as high humidity, cool temperatures, and rainfall.  If we’re getting a wet stretch, you know, 5 days of rainfall. That’s perfect environment for tar spot to blow up.”

He tells Brownfield concerned farmers should consider a fungicide application.

“Really consider that VT to R2 time frame.”  He says, “I think a lot of growers plan for a fungicide pass at tassel time and that grain fill portion is extremely important to maximize yield.” 

Gale says recent drier and hotter conditions will slow down the development of tar spot, but farmers should continue to scout crops for its presence.

Gale and other AgriGold agronomists updated growers Tuesday at the 2024 AgriGold Specialty Products Conference near Champaign, IL.

Photo: Gale & other AgriGold agronomists

AUDIO: Kevin Gale – AgriGold regional agronomist

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