Target and Hormel get behind Minnesota regenerative ag project

Two national brands are partnering with The Nature Conservancy to help fund a regenerative ag project in Minnesota.

Leif Fixen is an ag strategy manager for the Conservancy and says Target and Hormel Foods are investing a combined $1.7 million to pay Minnesota farmers who enroll in the Ecosystem Service Market Consortium pilot project.

“Which generates carbon, greenhouse gas, water quality, and water quantity outcomes from improved implementation of soil health practices on farms.”

He tells Brownfield Hormel and Target are both forward-looking companies that see the need to address climate concerns.

“These companies are heavily dependent on our ag system. Hormel is a food company and Target sells food to consumers, so I think it’s just a good indicator of the direction we’re heading with our ag system and our food system.”

Fixen says the program is great for farmers because it compensates them for their time and effort and provides a way to communicate with consumers about the good practices they are doing.

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