“Tear down the blend wall”

As the debate continues on the Renewable Fuels Standard, Growth Energy CEO Tom Buis says the argument to roll back the RFS still doesn’t hold water.  “When America’s farmers have demonstrated, as they did last year and are about to this year, we have plenty of capacity,” he says.  “As a matter of fact, the bigger problem in farming is usually over production.  Not only do we feed our great citizens, we feed the world.  And we’ll continue to do that.”

Which, he tells Brownfield weakens the food vs. fuel argument.  “Food vs. Fuel is the biggest lie I’ve ever heard in Washington – and I’ve heard some whoppers in my 27 years,” he says.  “It was made up from a PR firm in a multi-million dollar campaign to point the finger at America’s farmers to say that they were the cause of high food prices – and that wasn’t the case.”

The Environmental Protection Agency was expected to release its final RFS volume requirement in June, but industry sources say that because the Office of Management and Budget hasn’t completed a final review of the proposal, the announcement could be further delayed.

AUDIO: Tom Buis, Growth Energy (3:30mp3)


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