Tennessee crops: 60% cotton; 72% soybeans harvested

Rains continued across most of the state last week bringing more much-needed moisture to farmers.  Harvest continues to progress, while corn and cotton yields are better than average, soybean yields continue to decline as late-planted beans were impacted by September hot, dry weather.    

Sixty percent of cotton has been harvested.

Ninety-eight percent of corn has been harvested.

Seventy-two percent of soybeans have been harvested with 98 percent dropping leaves.

Fifty percent of winter wheat has been planted and 21 percent has emerged with 63 percent rated good to excellent.

Pasture conditions have improved with the added soil moisture, which has been extremely beneficial for pastures with cool weather grasses.  Sixteen percent is called good to excellent.  Seventy-four percent of topsoil and 61 percent of subsoil moisture are called adequate to surplus. 

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