Tennessee crops: 7% corn, 4% soybeans planted

The weather has been the biggest challenge for Tennessee farmers this spring. 

David Nichols tells Brownfield it’s been a roller coaster. “The temperatures will get really warm, and then we get a front that comes in, and we get really cold,” he says.  “Because of the cooldowns that we’ve experienced, everybody’s been kind of slow getting started.  but this past week had a pretty good bit of progress.”

Corn is 7% planted and soybeans are 4% planted.

He tells Brownfield more and more farmers are moving to planting soybeans before corn. “We’re farmers and a seed dealer as well, and we’ve moved more soybean seed at this date than ever before,” he says. “There’s a lot of beans going out earlier.”

Winter wheat is 59% jointed, 2% headed, and 67% is rated good to excellent.

Pastures are 49% good to excellent, and cool-season grasses are greening up quickly. Apples are 50% blooming.

Topsoil is 81% and subsoil moisture is 80 percent adequate to surplus.

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