Testing could lead to higher biodiesel blends

Soybean growers are investing checkoff funds in testing that could result in higher blends of renewable biodiesel. National Biodiesel Board technical director Scott Fenwick says they’re looking at different types of engines in on-road and off-road applications.

“To ensure that blends maybe at B30, B40, B50 are compatible with today’s engines, provide that same performance while offering consumers maybe a lower-priced, certainly more environmentally-friendly fuel,” Fenwick told Brownfield Ag News.

Fenwick says with trade and other issues putting pressure on soybean markets, economic analysis of biodiesel usage shows there are benefits to a grower’s bottom line.

“Biodiesel can provide an extra $.63 a bushel,” said Fenwick. “That can equate to basically 11 percent to their bottom line.”

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