TFI: Solutions exist to fix fertilizer issues but it starts with China

As part of its proposed policy solutions for the industry, the Fertilizer Institute is urging the Biden administration to work with China to begin exporting fertilizer again.

President and CEO Corey Rosenbusch says eliminating China’s export ban would increase global supply and reduce prices.  “China is the largest producer of phosphates with about 40 percent of the phosphate production in the world and about a third of the nitrogen produced in China.  They are a major supplier of fertilizers especially to India.  A big producing country like India that import their fertilizer then have to go out to the world market.”

He tells Brownfield transporting fertilizer could be made more efficient by eliminating hours of service restrictions, modernizing weight classes and waiving certain shipping requirements. “The American farmer can’t afford yet another obstacle going into planting season. We’ve got to figure out how to fix some of the service-related issues.”

TFI says eliminating the cross-border vaccine mandate between the U.S. and Canada could increase potash imports.

Rosenbusch says reforming environmental regulations will allow domestic fertilizer production to grow and provide long-term relief. “Probably the biggest obstacle to opening new mines, finding new resources or getting a plant open are some of the environmental permitting regulations.” 

He says the administration took a step backwards recently by announcing changes to the National Environmental Policy Act, but is encouraged by the Biden administration’s efforts to increase domestic fertilizer production.

Corey Rosenbusch, President and CEO with TFI:

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