TFI supports Congressional letter to STB as fertilizer shipments could worsen food issues

The Fertilizer Institute says rail service disruptions of fertilizer shipments could threaten global food security.

Justin Louchheim, senior director of government affairs, tells Brownfield nutrients may not be delivered if disruptions continue, causing impacts to crop production. “We recognize that there’s a rail service crisis right now.  We are respective of the idea that the fact that railroads are going to have to make some potentially challenging decisions.”

He says TFI is supporting a bipartisan letter from 51 Congressman who’re asking the Surface Transportation Board to work with rail carriers to resolve service issues.

Louchheim says the coronavirus pandemic caused providers to cut back on services to absorb economic losses, and now farmers are paying the price. “This is a goofy predicament to be in. You have rail carriers where we have to plead with them to contemplate the public interest and the public good. Let’s make sure the truly essential commodities can get where they can go so that we can feed our selves, have a national defense and that manufacturing facilities don’t shut down.”

The letter says if the fertilizer, grain and feed industries are able to reliability ship products that could help curb any impending food shortages in areas of the world.

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