The importance of engagement in the pork industry

The head of the National Pork Producers Council says pushing back against unfair industry regulations starts with engagement.

National Pork Producers Council CEO Bryan Humphreys tells Brownfield now is the time for producers to get involved as more laws have been introduced that dictate how animals should be raised. “The reality is that it continues to highlight the need for producers to tell their story and to be engaged in the process to help folks better understand what we do on our farms and why these are, whether its Proposition 12 or Question 3, are unnecessary.”

California’s Proposition 12 makes it a criminal and civil violation to sell pork in California unless the animal is raised in a specific manner. Massachusetts Question 3 requires farmers to provide adequate space for animals to be raised.

And, he says, this is one of the biggest issues facing the industry. “Federal government, state government and corporate activism are going to challenge our industry. It’s imperative that our folks in the industry get out there and tell their story and advocate on their behalf.”

Humphreys says producers should get involved at every level.

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