The Mosaic Company latest to enter biologicals market

Another manufacturer of crop nutrition products is entering the biologicals market.

Ross Bender is the director for new product development at The Mosaic Company and says just as agriculture is evolving, so too is how the company approaches crop nutrition.

“Historically we focused heavily on granular mineral crop nutrition sources, and now what we’re exploring is new ways to compliment granular crop nutrition using biologicals.”

He tells Brownfield the launch of Mosaic Biosciences speaks to the importance of partnering new technologies to help farmers address crop nutrition challenges.

“One centers around nutrient use enhancers, which essentially helps crops access the nutrition that they need to optimize obviously plant health and yield.”

Bender says the Mosaic Biosciences portfolio also features bio-stimulants that help mitigate plant stress caused by drought and heat.

Corteva Agriscience purchased biologicals firm Stoller Group last year with the expectation biologicals will represent about a quarter of the overall crop protection market by 2035.  Corteva market development specialist Ron Geis says biologicals help crops in ways traditional chemicals don’t.

“Such as building a better nitrogen management program, or helping crops to mitigate stresses. And we think they can fill the gaps with the current programs that increase yields and give farmers a better return.”

Verdesian Life Sciences, Pivot Bio, Indigo Ag, and Novozymes are some of the other crop nutrition companies that offer biological products to farmers.

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