Things to consider when debating replant

A field agronomist says there are some critical numbers for farmers to keep in mind when considering replant this spring.

Matt Montgomery covers central Illinois for DuPont Pioneer.  He says if stand counts are in the low 20,000 range, or lower, replant might be something to consider.  “Any kind of stand in that mid-20’s, though – you’re probably better keeping it at this point,” he says.  “You’re going to really have to see that stand get hit.  If we’re talking about huge gaps in stands – than we’re talking about other issues that probably start to promote replant.”

He tells Brownfield farmers are going to have to assess their fields.  “Get a feel if those are really rough spots are the minority or are they the majority of the field,” he says.  “Because distribution of those really hit-hard spots is going to have to be factored into that decision.”

Montgomery says it doesn’t hurt for farmers to dig around a little to see what the seedlings look like.  “More than likely at this point you’re going to start to pop up plants that are starting to brown,” he says.  “They’re actually losing energy and succumbing to soil diseases and different seedling disease.”

At this point, he says, any field that hasn’t shown improvement yet isn’t likely to do so and should probably be replanted.

AUDIO: Matt Montgomery, DuPont Pioneer

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