Tight margins mean thinking differently about inputs

An agriculture educator says farmers should consider a different approach to remain profitable when margins are tight.

Mike Sabel tells Brownfield with low commodity prices and high input costs, it’s important for farmers to avoid being penny wise and dollar foolish. “There are ways where we can cut costs and one way that I suggest to my farmers is, number one, have a soil test so you know what you have.”

Sabel says farmers need to focus on profitability over maximum yield. “I can cut down 10% of my fertilizer cost and I really do not change my yield, or if I do lose, it’s only one or two percent. So, that’s one way of looking at it and saving some dollars in these times.”

Sabel says farmers must think about their return on investment or profit per acre instead of striving for maximum yields, because having the most bushels doesn’t always mean having the most profit.

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