Time to evaluate weed management

Farmers are encouraged to assess weed management as the crop year comes to an end.

Ron Geis with Corteva Agriscience says corn and soybean farmers dealt with a lot of variables during the growing season.

“And I’m going to say some of those top pieces of information they’ll want to gather at this time of year would include the weed varieties that they need to control, the herbicides that they applied as well as the use rate, and what all went into the tank with those herbicides. That would be the adjuvants.”

He tells Brownfield cultural practices, weather conditions, and weed escapes should also be accounted for.

“And then any new weed species that they’ve found in their fields. They’ll also want to note timing of most of these pieces of information, meaning when did they make the herbicide applications, or when did the weather events happen, and so forth.”

Gies says the end of the year is the perfect time to pull weed management data together to see what worked and what didn’t. 

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