Togetherall provides peer-to-peer farmer support

A spokesman for Farm Foundation says farmers are finding needed mental health resources through its confidential online platform.

Tim Brennan tells Brownfield the Farm Family Wellness Alliance and American Farm Bureau Federation partnered with Togetherall at the beginning of the year.

“We’re just seeing a tremendous amount of peer-to-peer support that says you know, hey, I’ve been where you’re at, here’s what I’ve done,” he explains. “Eighty percent of our users find the solution that they needed just by talking to each other.”

Togetherall offers an agricultural community space for farm family members 16 and older to share their challenges.

Brennan says it’s important for farmers to invest in their wellbeing.

“A lot of people do not get the help that they need because they feel like they’re failing and they don’t like to admit when they need help, but they shouldn’t feel that way,” he says. “The healthier that our farmers are, the healthier our food will be.”

He says users also have access to mental health professionals and other resources if needed through the site.

AUDIO: Tim Brennan, Farm Foundation

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