Top producers are Minnesota for sweet corn, Wisconsin for snap beans

USDA statistics show that many canned and frozen vegetables on grocer’s shelves came from the upper Midwest.

Jason Culotta with the Midwest Food Products Association tells Brownfield some states are far and away top producers of certain veggies. “Wisconsin continues to lead the nation in snap bean production. We far outrank everyone. The next states are New York, Michigan, and Florida.”

Culotta says the COVID pandemic affected the production of sweet corn in 2021. “Washington state was able to dethrone Minnesota as the nation’s leading sweet corn producer. We’re pleased to see our friends in Minnesota have regained their title. Southern Minnesota in particular is the most dense area for sweet corn production in the nation.”

Culotta says there has been more interest in growing kidney beans in recent years with the nation’s largest kidney bean processor, Chippewa Valley Bean, located in Menomonee, Wisconsin. And, he says the Badger State perennially places among the top five states in growing and processing crops such as potatoes, sweet corn, peas, snap beans, carrots, cucumbers, and cabbage for sauerkraut.

Culotta says the 2022 season had almost ideal growing conditions after the wet spring.

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