Trade agreement with Japan key for cattlemen

The incoming president of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association says trade remains one of the top priorities for US beef producers, but it doesn’t come without concerns.

Tennessee cattlewoman Jennifer Houston says US beef producers are concerned with the lack of progress in trade negotiations with Japan.

“After we were withdrawn from TPP and the other countries went forward, they are going to be at a greater tariff advantage as time goes on,” she says.  “Certainly with our number one competitor, Australia, but all the other countries that are in that agreement.”

Beef exports in 2018 were valued at more than 8-billion-dollars and Japan is the largest value destination.  But, US beef exported to the country are hit with a 38.5 percent tariff.

In addition to a bilateral agreement with Japan, she tells Brownfield beef producers continue to push to get the new trade deal with Canada and Mexico ratified.  

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