Trade dispute could be ongoing with new Mexican leadership

A former ambassador to Mexico says USMCA agricultural trade dispute resolutions aren’t likely to happen quickly under new leadership.

Earl Anthony Wayne tells Brownfield Mexico’s current president has until October 1st to push policies, including a ban on GMO corn, before the newly named president-elect takes office.

“And AMLO has put forward a number of reforms which he will now try to put into the Constitution and into law before he leaves office,” he explains. “And he hopes the ones he doesn’t get done his successor, Claudia Sheinbaum, will do.”

He says the proposal is very much a political move considering Mexico does not have a ban against modified corn produced in-country.

“I think the hope from the perspective of the United States is that the new president-elect is a scientist,” he says. “But, she is sensitive to the argument that this is a crop where there is a long history and tied to the culture in Mexico.”

Wayne says the U.S. could also face challenges from Mexico under the USMCA.

“There have been some proposals in the United States also, for labeling of beef for example, which both of our neighbors have said is discriminatory against them,” he explains. “So these issues have to be sorted through, especially between such massively important trading partners.”

He says following science-based and transparent procedures in the trade agreement is critical to the future relationship between the two countries.

AUDIO: Former ambassador Earl Anthony Wayne

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