Treasury could issue guidance on SAF tax credits soon

The U.S. Treasury Department could soon issue guidance on sustainable aviation fuel tax credits.

House Agriculture Committee member Angie Craig tells Brownfield she hopes the methodology demonstrates that this is a sector to invest in as the administration tries to meet its climate goals.

“And of course I continue to reinforce to the administration that biofuels, ethanol, biodiesel, should be and are a huge part of allowing us to meet our climate goals.”

Ethanol groups including the Renewable Fuels Association are urging the Treasury to recognize the GREET model as an allowable method for determining the carbon intensity of sustainable aviation fuel feedstocks.

The Minnesota Democrat says there’s a potentially huge market for corn growers.

“Lots of different opportunities, and I think this thing is going to materialize over the course of a little bit of time. So I continue to remain, and I think everyone remains pretty bullish about it.”

RFA president Geoff Cooper says the Treasury guidance will go a long way in determining whether U.S. farmers and ethanol producers are able to significantly contribute to the goal of decarbonizing the aviation sector, or if they’ll be left by the wayside.

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