U.S. and Chile reach agreement on common food names

U.S. food producers will continue to access markets in Chile, despite efforts by European Union countries to have exclusive use of common product names.

Jaime Casteneda is with the U.S. Dairy Export Council. He tells Brownfield, “We’re very happy with the actions of this administration in making sure that we continue to have access to Chile, but think about this. It’s not that we’re gaining anything, it is actually protecting what we already have.”

The U.S. and Chile already have a free trade agreement and are now exchanging letters of mutual understanding allowing the sale of U.S. produced cheeses and meats using common names that the European Union wants exclusive use of, such as Feta cheese.

Casteneda appreciates the actions of Ambassador McKellip and Undersecretary Taylor to ensure continued market access for U.S. products. “But it is more a reaction rather than being proactive in previous administrations. I mean, this administration is trying to that on a number of different countries, but again, it is global what the EU is trying to do.”

The USTR says the letters of understanding with Chile will also be treated as an integral part of the U.S.-Chile Free Trade Agreement, including for the purposes of dispute settlement.

AUDIO: Jamie Casteneda discusses the USTR letters with Chile and common food names with Brownfield’s Larry Lee

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