U.S. cattle producers see room for complimentary U.K. trade

The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association says there is potential for more complementary trade with the United Kingdom.

Government Affairs Director Kent Bacus tells Brownfield consumer demand for certain cuts of beef is different on both sides of the Atlantic. “For example, they eat a lot of cuts in the U.K. that are very popular and very traditional that, quite frankly, Americans don’t eat as many of.”

For example, Bacus says, “You have different rounds and different cuts like that. They love roasts, and while those are popular here, they’re even more popular in the U.K. Likewise, they don’t flank steak, not to the level that we do, and you can’t buy enough flank steak here in the U.S.”

Bacus recently visited the U.K. to meet with his counterparts.  He says right now, the biggest obstacle to beef trade is limited access to the markets and competition from other countries like Brazil.

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