U.S. Congressman continues anti-WOTUS push

U.S Congressman Sam Graves of Missouri is continuing his pushback against the Biden administration’s attempt to return to the Obama-era Waters of the U.S. rule.

Graves said the move is a ‘classic’ example of government overreach…

“…and trying to take away somebody’s property rights and trying to have the ability to come in and regulate you out of business,” he said.

The Congressman said moving away from the Navigable Waters Protection Rule, which limited EPA’s oversight to rivers and streams, adds uncertainty to federal jurisdiction.

“What’s unfortunate is, it can be a dry, dry wash,” Graves said. “But if it’s raining and it’s carrying water, then it becomes a waterway with a significant nexus. You know, that’s one of the terms: a significant nexus. You have got to ask yourself, what the heck does that mean.”

Graves made his comments to reporters last week.

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