U.S. Grains Council making progress in India

The U.S. Grains Council is making headway in India.

USGC Chair Josh Miller, who farms in central Indiana, says the country is a priority because of its huge population and growing middle class.

“There’s going to be a lot of opportunity for higher protein consumption, as well as (ethanol) with the E20 mandate that is likely to come into effect by 2025. It’s really going to help their pollution concerns and help them have a cleaner burning fuel with a higher octane level.”

Speaking to Brownfield Tuesday from the USGC International Marketing Conference in Savannah, he said the Council has been trying to get an office up and running in India for more than five years.

“And it’s a big success during my chairmanship year we were able to get that office opened up, it’s fully staffed. And (we’re) very very pleased with the staff hitting the ground running, doing a great job getting in front of the right people to really start moving our ag products in India.”

Miller says U.S. ethanol exports to India have the potential to grow exponentially once the E20 mandate is in place.

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