U.S. Senator says MFP could be part of coronavirus economic relief for farmers

Part of President Trump’s economic stimulus proposal could include a type of market facilitation program that compensates farmers whose markets are harmed by the coronavirus pandemic.

U.S. Senator Tina Smith tells Brownfield Congress and the White House are looking at existing needs with plans to respond quickly.

“On Monday cattle futures just fell through the floor, so Senator Mike Rounds from South Dakota and I have put together a bill that would help protect cattle farmers from that kind of unprecedented drop in value that they’re seeing.”

The Minnesota Democrat says the federal government has tremendous capacity to help and must move with great urgency.

“This is almost like an earthquake that has hit the country, and it’s shaking the foundations of millions of families and small businesses. And they need help right now.”

Smith says the country will get through this outbreak, but the government cannot let people fall by the wayside. 

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