U.S. soybeans have advantage in the global market

Soybean industry leaders say the U.S. has some key advantages in the global market.

Missouri Soybean Association’s Matt Amick tells Brownfield his team hosted buyers from several Latin American countries earlier this year with the focus on sustainability.

“And that really differentiates us on the international market with some of our competitors,” Amick said. “If we show that we’re producing sustainable U.S. soybeans and we’ve got customers that are maybe doing not as great a job, those buyers can then turn and tell that message back to their customers that they’re selling to.”

And he said the Midwest’s typography opens natural shipping lanes.

“Where we lie, on the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers, we have great advantages down to the Gulf (of Mexico),” he said. We also export a lot via rail to Mexico. So, exports are strong for U.S. and Missouri soybeans right now.”

Amick said Missouri Soybeans is working with the U.S. Soybean Export Council to expand its reach in Latin America and the EU.

Brownfield’s Tom Steever contributed to this article.

Matt Amick Interview

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