U.S. trade with Canada unrivaled

Some might be surprised to learn trade between the U.S. and Canada is unrivaled the world over.

During the Minnesota AgriGrowth Ag and Food Summit in Minneapolis Thursday, Canada’s Consul General Beth Richardson said it’s difficult to grasp the enormity of the Canada-U.S. bilateral relationship.

“There is no trading relationship in the world as big as the Canada U.S. relationship.”

She says combined trade between the two countries is valued at $1.2 trillion annually.

“Or about $2.5 billion a day.”

Ag trade alone amounts to $70 billion a year.

“In fact, the United States exports more agriculture and agri-food products to Canada than to Japan, Korea, and Taiwan combined.”

Richardson says Canada is a top importer of U.S. ethanol, and the leading exporter of potash fertilizer into the U.S.

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