United Soybean Board shows soy products in home makeover

Photo: L-R: Brownfield’s Larry Lee, Tracy Hutson, Tony Mellenthin, Katie Mellinthin

The United Soybean Board shows farmers and consumers how soy-based products can be used in their homes. 

Tony and Katie Mellenthin farm in western Wisconsin and Tony is a member of the United Soybean Board.  He says USB is using its website and social media to show consumers how versatile and sustainable soybean-based products can improve homes with a makeover of three bedrooms in his home. “Uses that people don’t realize we can use soybeans in, and home remodeling, home finishing is one of those uses, so as much as possible, these three rooms are going to be redone with soy products.”

USB has been working with nationally known interior designer Tracy Hutson. She tells Brownfield, “It was really about finding these sustainable products that had soy as an ingredient and really just showing the end results of these rooms, how you can design a sustainable space for kids, for babies that you’re not compromising design at all.”

Hutson tells Brownfield it’s not as hard as it used to be to find sustainable, soy-based items. “It’s not as much of a dig as it used to be. You had to really search, but there’s everything from paint to mattresses to actual baby clothing, toys, wallpaper adhesive, plywood, it’s really just endless.”

Hutson says consumers across the country want more sustainable products and they are still learning what soybeans can do. “I’m seeing the revelation sort of happen with people, the shock of oh, I didn’t even know that that was an ingredient in there, I didn’t know that I had an option about paint for example, to make those smarter decisions.”

The bedroom makeovers were completed over the weekend, well ahead of baby number three, which the Mellenthin family expects around planting time.

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