University of Missouri to invest in ag research centers

The University of Missouri says $6.5 Million dollars will be invested in its network of ag research centers.

MU Chancellor Alexander Cartwright says the investment comes from the UM System, MU, CAFNR and MU Extension, “To really provide world class facilities that allow us to continue to translate and do the great things that we’re doing on the research farms.”

Cartwright says CAFNR’s animal and plant research is critical to Missouri’s farmers and ranchers, “Help everybody be, we hope, more profitable and continue to move our industry forward for the benefit of all the citizens of Missouri.”

He says some of the combines and tractors at the centers are 20 years old, “We want to be able to put in place the world class cutting edge technologies that allow our farms to actually be in a position to contribute to Missouri in ways that maybe they’re struggling to do right now.”

Alexander says he’s always amazed to see the research going on at the centers and looks forward to seeing even more.

MU made the announcement at the Fisher Delta Research Center at today’s Delta Field Day.

Interview with Chancellor Cartwright

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