University of Wisconsin President calls for more extension agents

Former Governor and current University of Wisconsin System President Tommy Thompson says he wants improved university relationships with farmers.  Thompson told the Wisconsin Agribusiness Classic Thursday he looks forward to stronger, better, and faster relationships in the future. “When you have a problem out on the farm, whether it be for growing crops, nutrients, fertilizer, whether you have problems with your cattle, whether you need help with exports, whether you need help to set up exports, I don’t want you to go anyplace but call a county agent or to call somebody at the Department of Agriculture.”

Thompson says one step towards that goal is to get more university experts in the field. “I want to make agriculture as successful as it can possibly be. I’m adding twenty new farm agents if the Legislature goes along with that, successful agents for the cooperative extension for the University of Wisconsin because I believe in it.”

Thompson says the University of Wisconsin is also developing an expanded veterinary school.

Thompson says the University of Wisconsin returns 23 dollars to the economy for every dollar it receives, and only 17% of their funds come from the state budget.

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