Update from President of North America, Bayer Crop Science

Lisa Safarian, President, North America, Bayer Crop Science said 2019 was an incredibly challenging year for farmers across the Midwest.  She told Brownfield Bayer’s goal last year was to stay as close to farmer customers as possible and support them in any way possible, and that is the plan for 2020.

Bayer recently announced the discovery of a new mode of action.  It is in the very early stages, but Safarian told Brownfield it looks very positive in terms of control of grasses.  It is the first new mode of action that has been brought forward in the last 30 years.  It also fits in with Bayer’s sustainability pledge to farmers.

Safarian told Brownfield  Bayer’s research and development pipeline for corn and soybean products is full.

Safarian is pleased with the smooth transition as Monsanto became part of Bayer Crop Science.

Brownfield sat down with Safarian at the 2020 Commodity Classic:

  • Can you please take fluoroquinolone antibiotic off of the market. There are hundreds of thousands of us disabled and dying because of these drugs. Is a horrible slow painful way to die.

  • Your stock prices should continue to fall genetically engineering plants for resistance to your poisons so that you can ensure that glyphosate is in the cereal we feed our children… Purchasing Monsanto was the worst decision Bayer has ever made, and it serves them right. Terrible company with zero care for human health. Just like every GMO seed producer.. the point of the genetic modifications made by chemical production companies is always so that food crops can survive after being sprayed with HIGHLY TOXIC chemicals that damage the DNA of people and animals that eat it. This practice directly results in a massive increase in these toxic chemicals being present in nearly every food in any grocery store.

  • No BS bayer needs to pay victims of roundup now and stop spinning on thumbs! Settle now @50b+ My dad died from non hodgkins Lymphoma all for having a gorgeous yard! First sign 2004 walking down stairs femur snapped, he fell downstairs! Downhill from there. 2006 died after suffering many surgeries until it overtook his body! You motherfuckers knew this would happen, time to pay.

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