USB educates consumers about soy-based home products

The United Soybean Board is reaching out to consumers to show how sustainable soybean-based products are used in homes.

Lisa Humphreys at the United Soybean Board tells Brownfield they did foundational research around consumer perception of soy products. “We found out that people really don’t have a negative or a positive perception of soy, they just don’t know where it shows up, so we have a number of investments underway to really just increase visibility to all of the fantastic solutions that soy provides.”

Humphreys says USB has been working to help consumers who know very little about soy to become advocates for over one thousand sustainable soy-based products. “Products containing different petroleums and other fossil fuels that really, you could be using soybean oil in those applications.”

Humphreys says many are surprised by the items containing soybean products. “Oh, it’s being received really well, with a lot of shock and surprise like, ‘Really? I had no idea’ which is just tremendous.”

Humphreys says soy is used in everything from cosmetics to sneakers, and construction adhesives to paint.

AUDIO: Lisa Humphreys with the United Soybean Board discusses soybean products, research, and efforts to educate consumers during a soy-based home makeover at the home of growers Tony and Katie Mellenthin in Wisconsin.

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