USCHA chair says lack of trust and respect on both sides

The chairman of the U.S. China Heartland Association says he believes the heightened tensions between the U.S. and China are the result of one thing, “I think there’s a lack of trust and respect on both sides of the equation,” says Bob Holden.

Holden, a former Democrat Governor of Missouri, says very little of what President Trump has said he has accomplished with China has happened, “You can’t blame China, then China can’t blame us. I mean, we’ve got to get people that have credible integrity to sit down and find common ground that works in the best interests of both. And that’s what I think we’re lacking today in our negotiations with China.”

Holden says the bipartisan U.S. China Heartland Association’s goal is collaboration between both countries for their mutual benefit, and that includes agriculture, “We’ve got to look out for our self-interest. But your self interest is also having good markets to promote around the world because that’s how we sell our ag products. That’s how we sell our manufacturing opportunities.”

The USCHA has members from more than 20 states in the Heartland of the country, which Holden says is rich with resources, including agriculture, and home to many of the nation’s former and current leaders.

The USCHA hosted a recent seminar on U.S. China Trade and the Future of Agriculture in the Heartland. Click here to listen and view.

^ Interview with Governor Bob Holden ^

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