USDA says total cheese output lower, butter higher

USDA says Italian cheese and skim milk powder had increased production in January, but other dairy products had less.

The total cheese production output was down 1.2% from a year ago, and half a percent below December at 1.19 billion pounds.  That does not include cottage cheese.  Italian-type cheeses totaled 503 million pounds, which was seven-tenths of a percent higher than the previous year but 1.1% below December.  American-type cheese production totaled 471 million pounds, a drop of 5.5% from 2023 and 1.9% below December.

Compared to 2023, nonfat dry milk powder production was down 20.4% to 139 million pounds.  Skim milk powder production rose 27.7% to 56.9 million pounds.

Frozen dairy products like sherbet, frozen yogurt, and ice cream all had lower production than a year ago.

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